Apple May Include Waterproofing Feature on Future iPhone Models

iPhone-Models Apple could be working to add waterproofing feature on its future smartphone models. USPTO has granted the patent application and it deals with preventing water-related damage. To improve survivability, the internal components will be coated with hydrophobic material at just one micron thick.

Apple performs the coating process by putting the components in an enclosed space with fluoroplymer gas and specific voltage is applied to turn the gas into plasma and it will stick to the component. However, there are a few challenges when implementing this technology, for example some critical components can’t be coated completely. But, Apple’s engineers have discovered some techniques to deal with this issue.

It is too early to know whether Apple will employ this technology on its commercial smartphone models. iPhone series should be the first candidates for waterproofed devices, but it should also be applicable for iPad and MacBook. It will be quite interesting if the iPhone 6 gets the waterproofing feature, especially because Samsung has done the opposite, by adding premium glass and metal design, while sacrificing the waterproofing capability. It is also mentioned that the Xperia Z4 will lack the usual IP67 rating too.

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