Comparison: iPhone 6 Plus Vs. LG G3

iPhone 6 Plus Vs LG G3Apple will soon go to war with multiple Android smartphones when they finally release two iPhone 6 models later this month. One of best devices in the market, the LG G3, will surely be caught in crossfire. The iPhone 6 Plus and LG 3 have the same 5.5-inch, but they are completely different devices.

  • Design: The iPhone 6 Plus comes with anodized aluminium design, while the LG G3 has an elegant solid plastic design. The latter comes with a sculpted back, while the iPhone 6 offers rounded corners. While the iPhone 6 Plus comes with oleophobic display, the back panel of LG G3 should ward of annoying fingerprints.
  • Display: The iPhone 6 Plus has the now common Full HD resolution, resulting in 401ppi of pixel density on its 5.5-inch display. The LG G3 seems to be quite excessive with its 538ppi of pixel density on its 5.5-inch Quad HD 2560 x 1440 display. Unfortunately, the LG G3’s display is a power hog and in some cases, heavy users may need to carry a spare battery or powerbank.
  • Processor: The LG G3 rocks the reasonably powerful Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor, while the iPhone 6 Plus wields the A8 dual-core processor with 64-bit support. iPhone devices typically performs well in benchmarks, especially because the G3 needs to manage so many pixels at once.

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