Despite Recent Failures, Amazon May Still Launch the Fire Phone 2

Amazon Fire Phone 2

The Amazon Fire Phone is considered as a huge flop and the giant e-tailer may not give up on the smartphone series so easily.  There’s a possibility that we will soon get a new version of the device. Amazon already manages to establish huge brand recognition in the mobile industry with its Kindle tablet series.

These slates effectively undercut Samsung and Apple in terms of pricing and gain plenty of interest in recent years. Unfortunately, the Fire Phone is unable to recreate the success of its bigger counterpart. The company is forced to write off about $170 million of unused Fire Phone inventory that is currently collecting dust. AT&T even needed to cut the on-contract pricing to just $0.99 due to problems in selling these devices.

Bezos has confirmed that it will take multiple iterations before the company can assess the merit of its smartphone models. In fact, there could be two more subsequent sequels of the device. The Amazon Fire Phone 2 could be available from four major network providers in the US. It is clear that the Fire Phone is uncharacteristically expensive, with the 32GB version priced at $649 and the 64GB version at $749. It is something that Amazon needs to fix.

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