Google Nexus X / Nexus 6 Could Be an Enlarged Version of Motorola Moto X

Google Nexus X

For quite a while now, we have heard about the Nexus X or the Google Nexus 6. No valid images of the device have made available and now, sources in the Internet have published a possible mockup. It appears that the Nexus X looks like an enlarged 2014 Edition of Motorola Moto X. This shouldn’t be too surprising because Motorola will make the device.

While the Moto X is equipped with 5.2-inch device, the Nexus X will be larger with its 5.92-inch display. The 3200mAh battery also provides 900mAh more juice than the battery inside the Moto X. It is possible that other features of the Nexus X will still be the same as with previous rumors.

It is likely that the phablet will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 quad-core processor, 2Mp front-facing camera, 12Mp rear-facing camera with 4k video recording and 3GB of RAM. The large display could have Quad HD resolution and this will be equal with 498ppi of pixel density. Overall, the device should be a worthy Nexus model with its powerful hardware and features.

Without confirmation from Google, we shouldn’t expect that the design is already finalized. But although the design ends up being different, we could still get the usual Motorola-styled design elements.

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