Heart 401AB is a Unique Heart-Shaped Phone

Heart-401ABJapanese device makers always amaze us with their bizarre products. The Heart 401AB is surely one of them. It’s a newly released heart-shaped phone with a unique twist mechanism. The phone can transform itself into something that resembles a bean or peanut.

The Japanese carrier, Ymobile, recently announced the phone and it will be available in two color options, black and red. Specs-wise, the Heart 401AB is a very modest flip phone model with tiny 0.9-inch display and 128 x 36 screen resolution. So, it is something that would appeal to a 8 year old girl who still has no interest in sophisticated smartphone functionality. In fact, it can only make phone calls and it doesn’t even have the ability to send SMS.

The 410AB is very thick, at 26mm and it will appeal to specific consumers with a Sailor Moon variant. All variants of the phone, including the regular one, also include heart-shaped wall chargers. Ymobile hasn’t revealed the pricing of Heart 401AB, but it should be quite reasonable. Overall, the Heart 401AB should be a unique addition in a market where miniaturized form factors and high-end performance have become a “must followed” trend.

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