HTC One (M9) Could Have a Larger Sibling

HTC-One-(M9)There are many highly-anticipated devices in 2015 and the HTC One (M9) should be one of them. The phone rumor mill is working overtime to churn out a barrage of leaks and whispers and it has shown us the newest detail about the One (M9). We have seen a lot of previous images of the phone and the latest images have been leaked recently.

It is obvious that HTC have been working on numerous prototypes and most of them won’t be represented as the final, commercial version of the One (M9). @evleaks was previously thought retired for good, but it recently sends a new tweet along with the alleged final version of the One (M9). Overall, the render does look more refined and sleeker than everything we have seen so far.

Quite interestingly, @evleaks provides us with images of two devices and both are eerily similar to the Desire EYE. In the best tradition of Apple, HTC may also plan to deliver a couple of devices. The most common speculation is that it is the basic version of HTC One (M9) along with its bigger sibling. For sake of simplicity, the phone could be known as the HTC One (M9) Plus.

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