Ivvi’s New Smartphone Will Be The World’s Next Thinnest

Ivvi’s-New-SmartphoneA number of polls indicated that many users would choose a thicker phone with bigger battery capacity over slimmer ones with sub-par battery performance. Even so, this doesn’t stop others from seeking the slimmest devices in the market. The current holder of the slimmest phone title is Vivo X5 Max and a new razor-thin model will soon replace it.

Ivvi is one of the least known smartphone makers and it has a new 4.7mm model in the pipeline. Obviously, the phone is only marginally thinner than the Vivo X5 Max, but it is enough to make it receive a place in history. Ivvi’s new slim smartphone is still shrouded in mystery and there’s no additional information about the phone, except that it has 4.7-inch display size. So, a smartphone with 4.7-inch display and 4.7mm thinness does sound like pretty compact.

Obviously, what Ivvi does is like splitting hair and it would be really difficult for our naked eyes to tell the whole difference. After all, we are talking about 0.05mm thickness here. It is not known whether Vivo has a plan to retain its crown in the slim smartphone market niche. They surely have a strong bragging right in the competitive smartphone market by delivering a super-thin device.

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