Jony Ive Explains About iPhone’s Balanced Battery Life and Design

iPhone’s-BatteryWe never stop to hear new debates about Apple products and recently, the famous designer of iOS devices, Jony Ive has defended the battery life of iPhone. It is clear that Apple has made it possible for its phones to last for more than one day with a single charge. This fact would be quite helpful for consumers who are looking to get more operational time, especially if they go to outdoor areas often.

Apple has achieved a good balance between battery life and impressive physical designs. Bestowing the phone a longer battery life would considerably diminish its physical appeals considerably.

Ive argued that allowing the iPhone 6 to operate longer between charges will make them heavier, fatter and obviously, less compelling. He added that the iPhone is much more fun to use, because it is so thin and light. Unfortunately, this would encourage people to use the iPhone longer and more intensively, which will clearly ruin the battery life. Ive said that his team was brutally self-critical and they went through many iterations before releasing the final products. It is clear that the iPhone series has an incredibly mature design because Ive and his team of designers went through thousands hours of testing and evaluation.

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