LED Flash and Heart Rate Sensor of Samsung Galaxy S6 Could Be Relocated

Samsung-Galaxy-S6Any Samsung fan would be perfectly ready to get a glimpse of the upcoming Galaxy S6. Moments ago, a case for the phone has been leaked and it indicates the new placement for the rear-facing camera. When finding a leak this, we should be a little reserved towards it, but the back panel looks quite genuine.

It has an elliptical hole that could house a camera flash. The heart rate sensor has also been relocated to the bottom right position. At the moment, there’s no explanation as to why Samsung decides to do this. However, it could be related to the phone’s refreshed overall design.

We may also spot the possible metal frame of the phone on the case’s side. However, it should be noted that such a case usually have rubber layers and protective plastic on the sides. They would cover the phone quite well from all angles. In any case, the announcement date of Samsung Galaxy S6 would be on March and we could expect to get more leaks next month. Until Samsung officially confirms all details, we should keep a salt shaker nearby.

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