Lumia 532 Will Support Windows Phone 10

Lumia-532Microsoft has recently announced two new entry level Windows Phone 8.1 models, the Lumia 435 and Lumia 532. The company promises that they will be released next month. Redmond further specifies recently that the Lumia 532 will be Windows-10 ready, although this important piece of information isn’t included on the phone’s product page.

By making simple Google search, we would get a confirmation from Microsoft that the phone could support Windows 10 and its Snapdragon processor is capable of supporting mobile games and other typical apps. Obviously, we shouldn’t expect a speedy update to Windows Phone 10 right after the official release of Lumia 10, however, it is an essential fact to know that the phone may eventually get a much updated software.

In the meantime, there’s no similar mention for the Lumia 435; but there’s still a possibility for the phone to get updated to Windows Phone 10. It should be noted that Microsoft will end the official support for Windows Phone 8 in mid-December, while the support lifecycle for devices upgraded to Windows Phone 8.1 has been extended to July 2017. In any case, the Lumia 532 is clearly in a good position, because it will be future-proofed in terms of software capability.


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