Lumia Denim Allows Users to Store OS Update to Memory Card

Lumia DenimLumia Denim offers many new features and one of them is the ability to download software updates to microSD card. Lumia users should check if their devices rocks software version 8.10.14219.341 or higher. It allows them to download operating system updates to the removable memory card. This clarification comes from Microsoft directly in the FAQ section of its website. Models that support this capability vary widely from the entry level Lumia 520 and 530 to the high-end Lumia 1520.

Users could determine the software version of their Lumia devices by going to Apps> Settings> About> More info.

If the smartphone model could support the feature, but for a mysterious reason it is not capable of storing the update to the removable card, then it is probably necessary to wait for the next incremental update.

Apart from the microSD card improvement, the Lumia Denim also brings us other important features. Cortana is a major feature of the Lumia Denim and it is a voice-based personal assistant that could improve productivity. Users can switch mobile data connection by using the Action Center. There are also multiple performance and stability enhancements. The touchscreen experience has also been improved.

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