Microsoft Will Introduce Phone-Laptop Hybrid Design

Microsoft Phone Laptop HybridMicrosoft will soon present its new software platform and the Windows 10 platform will not be aimed only for laptops and desktops; its mobile version will also be available for tablets and smartphones. According to recent reports, it appears that the company is about to showcase a device with rather unique phone-laptop hybrid form factor. This could mean that the handset will be equipped with physical slide-out QWERTY keyboard and it will be geared towards business professionals.

Fortunately, with the latest advancements in mobile hardware technology, it should be possible to build a lightweight and slip phone-laptop hybrid. So, it would be interesting to know what the company will have in store for us, both on the hardware and software side of things.

The event will be called “The Next Chapter” and we should get Windows 10 consumer previews and Windows 10 beta build for tablets and smartphones. Its new software implementation contains a common code base that allows specifically-designed apps to run on all hardware platforms, including PCs, tablets and smartphones. This technology may also include a way to optimize apps on difference screen size. All the supported apps will be offered in Windows app store.

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