OnePlus 2 and an Affordable OnePlus Model Will Be Released This Year

OnePlus-2The original OnePlus One is an entirely surprising smartphone model and it managed to reach sales of about one million units. OnePlus is able to sell such a high numbr, despite the fact the we need invitation to purchase the phone. This year, the company has another big plan and Bloomberg journalists were visited the OnePlus’s HQ in China.

OnePlus revealed that it is hoping to sell up to 5 million of the new device by the end of this year. The projected sales for 2016 will be about 10 millions. We have heard a few rumors about the successor and it is probably known as the OnePlus 2. Bloomberg also says that the OnePlus 2 will be delivered in the 3rd quarter this year. There could also be a new smartphone model, which will be cheaper and it will be released later this year.

While there’s little details revealed about the cheaper version of OnePlus smartphone device, the company says that the phone is intended for a different kind of audience, especially those who appreciate designs more than specs. The Oneplus 2 could be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 octa-core processor, microSD card support and fingerprint scanner. The OnePlus One is currently sold at $299, so the OnePlus 2 could be a bit more expensive.

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