Oppo Find 9 May Use Snapdragon 810 Processor


The newest Oppo Find model will be released soon and it will be known commercially as the Find 9. The front panel of the phone has appeared in leaked photos and we could be dealing with a large phablet. The Find 7 has 5.5-inch display and there’s a possibility that the Find 9 will be somewhat bigger.

Sources in China recently indicated that the phone might have Snapdragon 810 quad-core processor and 4GB of RAM. This will make the Find 9, Oppo’s first device such powerful components. We have no word on other things that the Find 9 will offer, but we could expect to get high-end specs.

Oppo has also released the Oppo U3 very recently with its 5.9-inch display. It isn’t a high-end model and equipped with MediaTek processor for decent performance level. The phone will also available only inside Asia. However, Oppo may sell the Find 9 globally and more details about the phone should be available quite soon. Needless to say, the Oppo Find 9 will have a rather steep pricing compared to the Oppo U3. The Oppo Find series is an important product line from the company, so we could be certain to get the best hardware specs from Oppo.

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