Oppo N3 Will Have Snapdragon 805 Processor and Swivelling Camera

Oppo N3

The Oppo N3 has been one of the most discussed smartphone model, due to its exotic material and the still innovative swivel camera. Quite recently, a new render of the Oppo N3 has been released and it shows the same swivelling snapper. The high-end device could be equipped with a large 5.9-inch Full HD display, which offers 373ppi of pixel density. It is also expected that the Oppo N3 will have 3GB of RAM and Snapdragon 805 quad-core processor. The 13Mp sensor may be mounted on an assembly that swivels 206 degrees.

Quite recently, we heard that the Oppo N3 will be available in two chassis options, one with the space-grade Lithium-Aluminum alloy and another with the much more standard stainless steel. Considering that the iPhone 6 has been affected by the Bendgate issue, it is likely that users will prefer the stainless steel version. Not only it will be cheaper, steel is also much less bendable than Lithium-Aluminium, since both are considered among the most pliable metals.

Design-wise, the Oppo N3 should have plenty of similarities with the N1. The older smartphone has attracted consumers, because they can have high quality selfies with the main camera itself.

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