Qualcomm Encourages Consumers to Get Ready for 4K Smartphone Models

Qualcomm Smartphones

Many people have argued that 4K resolution is way too excessive for smartphones. Many already find it hard to discern jagginess and individual pixels on Full HD and Quad HD displays. Some smartphone users say that Full HD resolution is enough for them and they have no issues with it.

Lower resolution also puts less pressure on the battery and processor/GPU combo. With 4K resolution, it would not be easy to imagine, how much more battery juice sucked up by the ridiculous amount of extra pixels. But it seems that 4K resolution will soon arrive and may eventually become a mainstream.

Qualcomm has revealed recently that it has supported the 4K movement, meaning upcoming high-end models will be equipped with Ultra HD screen resolution with 3840 x 2160 pixels. Apparently, the company is disagree with Apple’s Retina Display standard that say human eyes can no longer see individual pixels on display with about 300ppi at 10-inch distance.

Qualcomm argues that human brain has the “vernier acuity” capability that can distinguish relative alignments of different segments. It means, although we couldn’t visually see that the images sharper, we could “feel” that 4K displays are much better.

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