Samsung Galaxy Alpha Will Be The First With Corning Gorilla Glass 4

Samsung Galaxy AlphaCorning is the leading provider of protective glass layers in the mobile industry and it is offering the Gorilla Glass 4. The company has confirmed recently that the Samsung Galaxy Alpha will be the first with such protection. The Galaxy Alpha is one of Samsung’s thinnest devices at only 7mm thick. The Gorilla Glass 4 itself is only 0.4mm thick and it protects the display to offer excellent slimness to toughness ratio.

To date, the Gorilla Glass 4 is among the most durable glass in the market and it offers enhanced protection against scratches, bumps and drops. Corning said that they have scrutinized hundreds of smashed smartphone units to understand why and how the glass breaks.  It is discovered that most of the failures occur due to surface contact damages. This research should provide a tougher, but thinner device.

The Galaxy Alpha comes with sleek, metal profile and it is equipped with a 4.7-inch display. With its metal chassis and identical display size, the phone is considered as Samsung’s direct answer to the Apple iPhone 6. In terms of design, it comes with many elements of Samsung Galaxy S5 and it even has removable plastic rear cover.

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