Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Is Probably the First Phablet with UV Sensor

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

As we have seen with the Galaxy S5 and other newer devices, Samsung seems to make strides with its fitness and health features. S Health is its most popular health-related solution, which could help to analyze our physical data and make recommendation to maintain good lifestyle. This has made many third party apps out there redundant. Apparently, the South Korean company isn’t done adding more health-related sensors.

SamMobile, a Samsung-dedicated website, recently revealed that the Galaxy Note 4 phablet could be equipped with ultraviolet sensor on its front side. It could take measurement on ultraviolet radiation that users are being exposed to. The built-in app would inform us whether the intensity is harmful enough to damage our skin.

This feature could be useful for users who work outside, but probably not for those who intentionally go to the beach. However, the UV scanner should tell us whether getting some tan for a specific duration of time is safe enough. Like Samsung’s typical features, we would see whether the UV sensor is just another rarely-used gimmick.

Samsung’s upcoming phablet, the Note 4 should bring us whiz-bang specs when the company releases it in September. Hardware components offered to include Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 quad-core processor and Quad HD display.

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