Samsung is Developing a 11K Display for Mobile Devices

Samsung PhonesIt appears that Samsung is creating the next generation display solution and it will be based on 11K resolution at 2250 pixel per inch. Samsung appears to be fully committed with this project and it is partnering with the Government of South Korea. The duration of the project will be about 5 years and it will cost about 26.5 million dollars.

The 11K display technology is also known as the EnDK and the first prototype will be shown during the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in 2018. The exact resolution if it has 16:9 aspect ratio will be 11,264 x 6336. With 2250 pixeld per inch, the display size will be at 5.75-inch, which is suitable for a high-end phablet.

Samsung is also planning to implement the new 3D effect technology and at the moment, details are still scarce. Perhaps, the impressively high resolution display will use some types of optical illusions to simulate 3D effects. Perhaps, if we through more than enough pixels at the display, we may start to believe almost anything. If everything goes well, we could eventually see phablets with 11K display in 2019.

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