Samsung Will Release True Foldable Smartphones

Samsung Foldable Smartphones

Probably due to the success of various manufacturers from China, recent surveys show that Samsung has lower market share compared to last year, from 32.2 percent in Q2 2013 and 24.9 percent for the same quarter this year. Samsung is trying to counter that by using the two-pronged approach. It will readjust the low-end and mid-tier market to a lower price points and offer less models in the market.

The South Korean company is known for its rather ridiculous number of models in the market. Another way it to produce models that the competitor can’t duplicate easily. This requires advanced solutions in technology, something that Samsung has been working on for a few years. One of them is the display solutions area and we know that the company have released the Galaxy Round, followed with the recent Galaxy Note Edge.

Apparently, the next step is to produce a smartphone model that can fold in half. The senior executive from Samsung Display unveiled recently that the company will produce up to 40,000 foldable displays each month by the end of next year. It means, consumers will be able to purchase true foldable smartphones in the holiday season next year. After this preliminary phone releases, the company will continue to ramp up the production well into the following years.

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