Sony Will Also Release a Dual-SIM Variant of Xperia Z4

SonyThe much-awaited MWC 2015 event is just around the corner and it should coincide with Sony’s well known six-month refresh cycle. It means, Sony fans could get a new flagship model in every six months. Unless a bizarre twist of fate affects Sony in some way, the Xperia Z4 should be introduced quite soon.

A rather interesting piece of information has been revealed recently and it is suggested that the Z4 will be available in dual-SIM variant. Although western consumers don’t seem to care much about phones with dual SIM slots, they are quite popular in many parts of Asia. In fact, Sony also released a dual-SIM Xperia Z3 and it is also available in some European countries.

The Sony Xperia Z4 was revealed in FCC documentation recently bearing the PM-0850-BV model number. Now, it appears that a new variant, PM-0851-BV has been spotted as well. The latter is probably a dual-SIM model. Regardless of so much information about the phone, the Sony Xperia Z4 is still quite a mystery, due to the various conflicting reports. Some claimed that it will be equipped with Quad HD resolution, while others said that it will have the more modest Full HD resolution.

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