Sony Xperia Z4 May Have All-Metal Design

Sony Xperia Z4Word from the rumor mill is that Sony’s upcoming flagship, the Xperia Z4 will not only have metal chassis, but it may also have an all-metal body, probably comparable to the Huawei P8 that was announced previously. It is possible that the company will do away with the glass rear that was used by previous Z-series. However, it remains to be seen whether the significant change in design will be confirmed.

It is also believed that the Xperia Z4 will have a fingerprint scanner and this shouldn’t be too surprising for a flagship released in 2015. However, the placement of the sensor is rather unusual, right in the power key. However, Sony could finally pull it off, if the placement is well accepted by consumers. Unfortunately, it could also mean that users need to stretch their thumb to authorize payment or unlock their handset.

This could be rather risky in some cases, because it is possible to drop the phone if we are not careful. Although Xperia Z4 has all-metal design, which is likely more durable, it is still not an excuse to drop it more often than usual. Saygus V-Squared also has fingerprint scanner embedded in the power key.

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