T-Mobile Stops Selling ZTE ZMAX Due to Battery Issues

T-Mobile ZTE ZMAXT-Mobile has stopped selling the ZTE ZMAX in its branded stores and it is also no longer available from MetroPCS, a T-Mobile subsidiary. An internal memo has been distributed to all T-Mobile and MetroPCS stores that these devices are no longer available for sales until further notice.

Apparently, users of ZTE ZMAX have tried to pry open the back of the phone to pull out the supposedly non-removable battery. The back cover is relatively easy to take off, because ZTE doesn’t use glue attach it. Instead, the ZTE ZMAX uses clips that can be removed rather easily. This allows users to gain access to the 3400mA battery and this could potentially cause injuries. ZTE is now looking for ways to prevent users from doing such a thing. It is still largely a mystery why users try to open the ZMAX phablet, but it is possible to hard reset the phone by temporarily removing the battery.

ZTE recommends that if users are facing difficulties with their devices, it is possible to get it sorted out without taking out the battery. The device can be brought to the nearest T-Mobile stores, so it can be fixed.

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