Things We Should Know About 16GB iPhone 6S

Apple iPhone 6SThe iPhone 6S is definitely an impressive piece of digital technology. However from the economic standpoint, one of its variant, the 16GB model may seem like a questionable proposition. The way Apple assigns its pricing could be designed to rip off users into buying a more expensive model. The 16GB iPhone 6S will be the base model and it has a ludicrous price per GB ratio.

It is estimated that the 16GB models will be priced at $40/GB for iPhone 6S and $47/GB for iPhone 6S Plus. It is obvious that the 64GB models will have much better ratio, $11.7 for iPhone 6S and $13 for iPhone 6S Plus. The 128 models are even better, $6.63/GB for iPhone 6S and $7.41 for iPhone 6S Plus.

It’s clear that the iPhone 6S with 16GB storage offers us a terrible value. If we look closer, it appears that some of the new apps are consuming plenty of storage. Live Photos is clearly a fun feature, but it allocates twice the storage space for each image. iOS operating system will consume a large part of the 16GB storage and users could get only about 10GB of usable space for installing apps and keeping files. By today’s standard, it is a rather limited storage, because one minute of 4K video will consume about 300MB of storage.

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