Vivo X5 Pro May Have 2.5D Display

Vivo-X5-ProThe China-based company, Vivo, has unveiled a teaser that heralds the upcoming arrival of its new device, the Vivo X5 Pro. Judging by the teaser, no details are given about the characteristics of the phone, but it appears to have a 2.5D display, audio player, camera and rounded edges. This device will be accompanied with Xplay 5S and Xshot 2. The former is equipped with 6-inch display, 3500mAh battery and 3GB of RAM.

The Xshot 2 comes with excellent photograph quality. Rumors say that the Vivo will be introduced in May and the teaser includes an image that could be a press render. The Chinese rumor mill has been quite busy recently and it makes sense considering the prevalent smartphone industry in the country.

Oppo is known for its slim smartphone model, the Vivo X5 Max with its 3.98mm thin design or at just about 0.15 inch. Internally, the phone could be a mid-range model with Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 64-bit processor. Due to heat dissipation concerns that plague some of newer Snapdragon 81x chips, a cooler and slower, but still very capable processor should be a good choice for X5 Pro.

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