Windows Phone Smartphone to Receive Updated Office

Windows-Phone-SmartphoneOffice is one of Microsoft’s most important software and it has been putting quite a lot of efforts to expand its capability and availability. There are already optimized versions for Android and iOS devices. Apparently, a new version of Office will be coming for its native mobile-based platform, the Windows Phone OS. Users could just wait leisurely to get updated goodness from the new version. Windows Phone smartphones won’t be the only devices that will get the update. The new Office version will be also available for Windows-based tablets.

Microsoft made a rather big splash when it released the Office for iPad and users could still get some basic functionality without having to obtain Office 365 subscription. Android tablets get their Office version later and it was available for users initially through registration requests. It is quite possible that we will obtain additional details during an even on January 21st in Redmond. During this occasion, executives from Microsoft should outline multiple consumer-oriented features about the new Office version. Creating and editing documents on smartphones may not be the most convenient experience, but the new Office update should provide users with plenty of new features.

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