Xiaomi Entry Level Smartphone Redmi 1S

Xiaomi Redmi 1S

A little known processor maker from China has recently obtained an investment from Xiaomi and it will contribute to the development of an entry level smartphone model. Available for just $65, the device should provide some decent features. First of all, the phone will be powered with the Leadcore LC1860 processor, which is based on the A7 platform and it will run at 2GHz. It comes with the built-in Mali T628 GPU with support for LTE 4G connectivity, 1080p video recording at 60fps and display with up to 2K screen resolution.

It is also interesting to know that for such a price, the phone is equipped with 1GB of RAM and 720p display, which aren’t bad at all; since the price is already incredibly low. However, we shouldn’t expect to get convincing material design and the build quality should be similar to any entry-level models. Xiaomi has previously released a rather admirable low-end model, the Redmi 1S, which is available at about $150.

Obviously, Xiaomi has been doing something right recently and it has managed to pull in significant amount of revenue from worldwide sales, including the largest smartphone market in the world, China. There’s a possibility that International consumers will soon get new models with Leadcore chips.


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