Zauba Mentions Samsung Galaxy S6 (SM-920F) In Its Registry

Samsung Galaxy S6about to end and we should prepare ourselves for the barrage of rumors on upcoming smartphone models. The Samsung Galaxy S6 should be one of new models we should expect and it will be called the Samsung Project Zero.

The company may actually announce it rather early during the event. One of the variants, the SM-G920F is believed to be a variant of the device aimed for the European countries. Apparently, a prototype of the device has been sent to India for R&D purposes. Samsung typically sends its upcoming phone handset in India for specific development aims. Zauba is an import-export tracking service and it often provides early info on unconfirmed models. The SM-G920F could be the real deal and odds are, Samsung will surprise us rather pleasantly.

As always, Zauba doesn’t provide us with detailed information about the alleged Galaxy S6 other than its price. The SM-G920F is priced at INR 18,938 or around $300. This could be the basic manufacturing cost of the device, because a new Galaxy S model is typically priced twice as high. It is believed that the Galaxy S6 will have Snapdragon 8xx processor, Quad-HD screen resolution and 3GB of RAM.

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