ZTE violates probation, court-appointed monitor to stay for two more years

ZTE troubles aren’t over. When the ban on buying US-made tech was lifted, ZTE agreed to take in a court-appointed monitor, who will keep an eye for future violations. The monitor was initially to stay until the end of 2020, but a US court just tacked on 2 more years.

The reason is that ZTE violated its probation, specifically it didn’t dismiss the employees that were involved in the illegal shipping of US tech to Iran.

There are actually two monitors at ZTE – the court-appointed one and one from the Commerce Department. The latter will be on duty for 10 years and has deeper access into…

source https://www.gsmarena.com/zte_violates_probation_courtappointed_monitor_to_stay_for_two_more_years-news-33599.php

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