3D Touch Display of iPhone 6S is Slightly Heavier

Apple iPhone 6SWhen we pick up the iPhone 6S for the first time, we will notice that it’s somewhat heavier than the iPhone 6, although not significant. The iPhone 6S and and iPhone 6S Plus are about 11 percent heavier than their corresponding models from the original iPhone 6 family. It would be interesting to know where the additional heft comes from. It will be easy to suspect that new aerospace-grade aluminium alloy is the reason, but it’s not true. The 7000-series alloy on the iPhone 6S is actually very slightly denser than the 6000-series alloy on the original iPhone 6. The 7000-series is essentially aluminium-zinc alloy, while the 6000-series has some silicon and magnesium.

It turns out that the extra heft comes from the new 3D Touch display, which is more than twice as heavy as the display on the iPhone 6. The display now weighs 29 grams, instead of 12 grams. The backlight element of the display has a built-in capacity pressure sensor to detect levels of pressure. Although the additional weight won’t make a major different in daily operations, it is obviously helpful to know where the extra heft is coming from.

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