An iPhone 6 Unit is Spotted Running iOS 9

An-iPhone-6Apple has been working on its next mobile operating system version, the iOS 9. The Rightware benchmark database recently added an iPhone 6 model with iOS 9 included. It appears that the operating system already enters the testing phase. It is not clear yet, as to what enhancements and changes will the new operating system bring.

But judging from the benchmark result, the iPhone 6 with iOS 9 is hardly version with the current model with the iOS 8. The iOS 9 is still in the preliminary state and we shouldn’t put much thought in its eventual differences in performance. It is quite possible that Apple will include multiple new improvements, but it appears that the new operating system provides about 17 percent higher performance.

It is hinted that the software has undergone various testing processes. But if developers still have the chance to perform various changes, it is likely that the results will likely change. We have also heard about the possible availability of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus in the future. As of now, the company is still tight-lipped about the new version, but it could soon reveal some juicy details.

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