Apple Responds to the “Bendgate” Reports

iPhone 6 Plus

Apple has issued an official statement regarding the recently reported “bendgate” issue. Apparently, a number of iPhone 6 Plus units can bend a bit too easily under pressure. This mostly happens when we carry the phablet in a pocket. This issue has been reported by numerous users in forums and Twitter. In a video, a reviewer has also shown that the iPhone 6 Plus bends quite easily. Naturally, Apple tries to play down the situation and claims that only 9 consumers have contacted the company for this particular issue. However, we could be sure that many more iPhone 6 Plus devices out there with the same problem.

Apple reiterates that its devices are manufactured, engineered and designed to be both sturdy and beautiful. To reinforce multiple high stress locations, the iPhone 6 Plus has multiple titanium and stainless steel inserts. The company says that it has performed rigorous physical tests that involve pressure point cycling and 3-point bending. Apple assures that the iPhone 6 Plus has high quality standards that allow the phone to endure typical, real life usages.

Despite these assurances and claims, we will know that “bendgate” is a real issue that needs to be fixed if subsequent batches of iPhone 6 Plus isn’t as bendable.

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