BlackBerry Sells 200,000 units Passport in Just Two Days

BlackBerry Passport

It’s true that the figure is not yet in the millions, but the fact that BlackBerry is able to sell 200,000 units of the Passport in just two days, should be seen as a favourable sign. BlackBerry fans could have been attracted once again and this time with a square-shaped, wide handset. The Passport isn’t only an ideal device for business user, but it can also compete with available flagships in the market.

The QWERTY-based Passport has shown us how Chen’s engineers worked hard to deliver something interesting. Letter placement may look odd initially, but using the keypad could feel quite natural quickly. There are virtual keys that help us to send email and type URLs more easily. The Passport comes with the BlackBerry 10.3 operating system, which includes an assistant app.

Therefore, the fact that BlackBerry manages to sell 200,000 units is an indication that Chen is doing things properly with the company. In fact, it took only six hours for Amazon to sell out its Passport inventory. BlackBerry itself was able to sell out its units in just ten hours. This means, BlackBerry may be able to sell more Passport had it provides more units.

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