Boeing and BlackBerry Are Developing a Self-Destructing Smartphone

Boeing SmartphoneBoeing, a Chicago-based aerospace giant, is known better for its aircraft-related and defense products. It is now aiming to have a presence in the mobile industry by developing the Boeing Black, a super-secure device that can self-destruct. In fact, Boeing has worked on the concept since 2012 and we know now that the device will run the BES 12 platform.

John Chen, BlackBerry CEO, confirmed recently that his company is working with Boeing to deliver a secure mobile solution. Unfortunately, he couldn’t say more details about the deal. The Boeing Black supports biometric capability and direct connection to multiple satellites and networks. It has dual-SIM slots to provide users with more flexibility. One feature that’s not found in other mobile devices is the self-destruct capability, especially if it is tampered with.

The Boeing Black Smartphone may not be available to average consumers and it is developed primarily for contractors and government agencies. All voice and data communications are stored and transmitted in a secure manner. It is said that Boeing already offers the phone to a number of potential customers and it would be interesting to know how the device would work in real life.

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