G Pen is Probably LG’s Next Stylus Design

LG G Pen
LG is one of the major brands in the mobile industry and it is a big rival of Samsung, which is also based in South Korean. Samsung is known for its Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series, while LG offers the G and G Pro series, which are smartphone and phablet models, respectively. If recent whispers from the rumor mill are to be believed, LG could be preparing a new input accessory, to be known commercially as the G Pen.

The product could be included in the company’s future phablet models and probably deliver the level of functionality we get from the Samsung’s S Pen. The G Pen could come with a proprietary app, known as the G Scrawl and it is probably a kind of smart select feature. At the moment, there’s no definite confirmation about when the G Pen Stylus will be available for us.

The South Korean company has just filed its trademark, so we could speculate that LG is rather serious with this product. Previously, LG offered us the G3 Stylus and for some, it turned to be quite a disappointment. It is simply a mid-range phone with underwhelming capability and the stylus is just a standard capacity model. The phone comes with an embedded slot for the stylus, which is probably the most interesting about it.

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