Google is Fixing Memory Leak Bug on Android 5.0.1

Google-iAndroid-5.0.1Android Lollipop is a much-anticipated update and like all new major software version, it has more than a few bugs that developers need to fix. No software is without faults, but Google is working on a fix. Appleā€™s iOS 8.0 also caused us plenty of headaches and numerous incremental updates were released afterwards. Obviously, some ironing out would need to be done and there would be further incremental updates for Android Lollipop.

The Android 5.0.1 has a rather nasty memory leak that could eat more than 1.3GB of system RAM, causing force-closes and returns to the home screen. It appears that no one is safe, because multiple Nexus users are affected by this glitch.

It is a good thing to know that Google has pinpointed the cause of the problem and it is believed that the fix will be delivered with the inkling update. We could only be hopeful that it will be released soon, because devices affected by this bug are barely usable at some point, especially when users open a hardware-intensive app. Google has a good track record of pushing out numerous updates for the Lollipop and the fix should be delivered in coming weeks.

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