How to Prepare your iPhone for iOS 9 Update?

iOS 9 UpdateMany users are eager to update their iPhone devices to the newer iOS 9 software. It promises tons of cool, new features and if users are committed to get the upgrade, it’s important for them to make a proper preparation. At first, it is important to make sure that we are using a somewhat newer model. iOS 9 is available to latest iPhone and iPad models, as well as the older iPad 2, iPhone 4S and iPod Touch 5th generation. iPhone 4 and older won’t be able to download and use the new iOS 9.

We could never guarantee that an iOS update process will go smoothly, even in the best situations. In this case, we should always back up our device and it can be performed using the iCloud software on the computer. Users cold go to Settings>iCloud>Backup, enable the “iCloud Backup” option and click the “Back Up Now” button. The device should be connected to a steady WiFi network.

To make sure that the backup process is successful, users can check it at Settings>iCloud>Storage>Manage Storage. The backup version should be shown as the most recent one and when something goes wrong, it can be restored to the device.

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