HTC 8XT May Receive Windows 8.1 Soon


The HTC 8XT is a rather older device and it was released in the summer last year. It is available exclusively from Sprint and one of the carrier’s first Windows Phone 8 device. Rumors indicated recently that the phone will receive a major update. It was originally to be updated in summer this year, but the hot season went on without an update being rolled out to the phone.

Finally, snow has begun to fall and a new tweet from the Taiwan-based company could warm up things a bit for people with HTC 8XT. It is said that the phone will receive the Windows Phone 8.1 update, which includes the Cortana virtual personal assistant. The Cortana could bring a huge difference to the device and it allows users to obtain so much more functionality.

The venerable handset will get other great features such as improved actionable notification center, folders, VPN, start screen backgrounds and others. However, the Windows Phone 8.1 doesn’t include Lumia-specific features such as improved photography performance.

Sprint hasn’t delivered us any new Windows Phones device, but the projected update is a reminder that HTC hasn’t abandoned its Windows Phones users.

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