HTC: iPhone is “Terribly Boring”

HTC--iPhoneApple has sold many million units after the release of two iPhone 6 models and many users verging on being fanatics would proclaim that the larger iPhone 6 models are amazing products. Unfortunately, a senior employee from HTC has different opinion. Jeff Gordon the Senior Global Online Communication Manager from HTC argued that the iPhone is terribly boring.

Perhaps being boring isn’t a bad thing and we often hear that the only thing users can do to customize their iPhone is by changing the wallpaper or buy a new case. But in reality, there are many software-based solutions that can make the iPhone an interesting device to have.

Many would say that the iPhone represents a problem in the business world. It is a tightly controlled and ubiquitous device. Apple sets a huge margin on the software and hardware solutions. iPhone models could be boring, particularly to some Android users, but they are reliable and easy to user. For some reasons, average people tend to proclaim them as the best smartphones in the market. But some non-iPhone user would say that Apple simply recycles existing ideas and applies only slight improvements.

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