Huawei Will Release the Ascend Mate 7 Monarch

huawei ascend mate 7 monarchNew commercials have been released by Huawei recently and they showcase the Ascend Mate 7. The device is equipped with fingerprint sensor for various security and functionality capabilities. One of the commercials pits the phone against Samsung’s flagship, the Galaxy S5. It suggested that the Mate 7 is easier to use.

Another Huaweicommercial compares the Mate 7 with the iPhone 6. Although users of Apple’s newest smartphones can switch IDs fast enough, the Ascend Mate 7 allows us to turn into the “visitor mode” with its fingerprint sensor.

These new marketing messages are published before the release of a new Mate 7 version. It comes with a slightly tweaked hardware specification and it will be known as the Mate 7 Monarch. Priced at approximately 4399 Yuan, the Monarch should be about 700 Yuan more expensive than the basic Mate 7.

Sources from China indicate that the device will have a sapphire display and marginally faster processor. Other than these details, it is still the same Mate 7 model. The China-based company also plans to launch the Glory 6 Plus and the Glory 4X. Again, no confirmation on when or whether these devices will be available outside China.

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