iPhone 6 May Not Support 24-bit Audio Playback

New iPhone 6

Many devices in the market provide us with high resolution, better-than-CD audio quality. As an example, the LG G2 supports lossless 192kHz 24-bit audio files. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 immediately followed suit and this quickly opened the floodgates in terms of audio quality. The Sony Xperia Z3 family delivers Sony’s proprietary Digital Sound Enhancing Engine. In practice, this allows the Xperia Z3 to upscale tracks with mediocre quality to higher resolution without requiring original audio data.

We heard rumors that Apple seeks to build a catalog of multiple high resolution tracks directly from iTunes. To achieve this, the company needs to work with multiple music labels, but the plan hasn’t come to fruition. In addition, it appears that Apple hasn’t added the support for high-resolution audio quality on the iPhone 6 and this would be rather disappointing for loyal fans.

Audio experts have tested this empirically, by playing multiple samples. When the audio output is compared to the original quality, it is concluded that both iPhone 6 models don’t provide support for 24-bit playback. However, it is possible that Apple will later add this capability by updating the iOS 8 operating system.

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