iPhone 6 Offers the New Reachability Feature

Apple iPhone 6

The two newly-unveiled iPhone 6 models are known to include the “Reachability” feature. It allows users to use these phones with only one hand, despite the larger display. Activating this special mode is easy: Just double tap (not press) the Home button! In today’s market, high-end smartphones already look and feel like miniaturized tablets. Apparently, Apple doesn’t want to abandon users with stubby thumbs. With both models, users will start to have trouble reaching all the important parts of the interface when holding the device with only one hand.

The Reachability mode simply brings all the essential parts of the interface within the reach of our thumb. As an example, the top part of the interface is brought down to the lower part of the display. This allows our thumb to press objects that are previously hard to reach. The feature is already integrated with the iOS 8, so it is possible for 3rd party developers to incorporate the feature into their apps.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be available on September 19, while the iOS 8 operating system for older device two days prior. We would see whether this feature will be a gimmick because users are more willing to use both hands.

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