Lenovo Introduces Online-Only Fancy Maker Smartphone Series

LenovoSmartphonesExecutives from Lenovo informed us a few months back that they will launch a smartphone series that will operate only online. Finally, the company announced recently that these devices will be called as the “Fancy Maker”. It sounds a bit like Motorola’s brand, the Moto Maker. As we all know, Lenovo Group has acquired the Motorola and it is quite sensible for the company to adopt its unique personalization capability.

This should allow users to customize different aspects, including back plate and overall color accents. After it acquisitioned Motorola, Lenovo has become the 3rd largest global device manufacturer, but competitors like Huawei and Xiaomi already shake things up.

There’s no option for Lenovo but to follow the trend and the Fancy Maker series is one of its efforts. Xiaomi is obviously doing quite well in Asia and with the Fancy Maker, Lenovo tries to get a bit more piece of the gigantic mobile market pie.So far, details on the Fancy Maker series are still quite light and we don’t know what kind of hardware specs they have. However, online-based devices are typically equipped with less powerful hardware, especially if they are intended to run apps on a distant cloud-based server farm.

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