Lenovo Will Launch a New Smartphone Brand Next Year to Counter Xiaomi

Lenovo Smartphones

In just a few years, we have seen the rise of Xiaomi and it is now considered as one of the top smartphone makers in China. Although other top phone makers like, Huawei and ZTE, had been selling many units before Xiaomi even established, the company has enjoyed a meteoric rise.

Lenovo is one of the old players in the industry and it is preparing a move to counter Xiaomi directly. Sources tell us that the company is working to establish a subsidiary, as well as a fresh brand to sell upcoming new devices online. Lenovo has yet to name the new brand, but it could be launched next year on April 1. Meanwhile, the company will still sell its devices under the original brand via existing distribution channels.

In Q2 2014, Xiaomi is considered as the 4th largest device make in the world. It has also acquired the Motorola Mobility, but there’s no guarantee that the upcoming brand will be related to Motorola.

Lenovo has cultivated a sizable fan base in China and in the international market, the company is known for its various laptop models. Regardless of its brand, it is quite likely that Lenovo will continue to have a reasonably thriving smartphone business.

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