LG Claims That Heat Problems of Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 Are Fixed

LG-ClaimsNot long ago, we heard about the possible overheating issues that affect the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810. At CES 2015, LG has announced the LG G Flex 2 equipped with the same processor. Fortunately, the company is quick to pacify the crowds by assuing that the 64-bit chip doesn’t heat up. In fact, LG claims that the G Flex 2 emits less heat than the competitors.

The company reported 25.2 percent of sales growth in the Q4 2014 earnings conference, which could indicate that LG is doing the right things with its devices.. LG said that it has encountered issues in the early batch of the processor, but it has been solved. Not only the G Flex 2, the LG G4 will also be outfitted with the same processor.

There are also mentions about changes in cooling and design systems, which are needed to accommodate the more capable, but also more temperamental chipset. However, we could be hopeful that LG doesn’t simply reduce the display brightness and throttle the processor speed, which would cause flawed performance, relative compared to other high-end models. However, the LG G Flex will be available soon, followed by the LG G4. Samsung has decided to abandon the use of Snapdragon 810 and it chooses the homegrown Exynos processor.

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