LG F490L Liger is the First Smartphone with NUCLUN Octa-core Processor

LG F490L Liger

It appears that the major smartphone manufacturer from South Korea, LG, is ready to release its next significant model in the market. The LG F490L Liger is quite a monstrosity with its 5.9-inch display. This information is obtained through official photo brochure released by the company in South Korea. Visually, the Liger is nearly identical with the LG G3 in overall design, except for the bigger 5.9-inch Full HD display.

In general, it could be the first mobile device with LG’s own NUCLUN octa-core processor. The chip is generally a big.LITTLE design with faster 1.5GHz quad-core package and a more efficient 1.2GHz quad-core package. In fact, the trademark for the NUCLUN has just been filled in August, so this piece of silicon assembly is still a relatively new thing.

At the moment, it is not known whether the new processor supports 64-bit computing, because it is only paired with only 2GB of RAM. The Liger is also equipped with 2.1Mp front-facing camera, 13Mp rear-facing camera with laser-based autofocus and 32GB of onboard storage. It is clear that this smartphone model will boats quite a substantial firepower inside a 9.45mm thick chassis. Visually, the Liger is still more compact than the recently released Google Nexus 6, which is slightly thicker than 10mm.

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