LG G4 May Offer 3K Screen Resolution

LG-G4The first month of 2015 has finally ended and we are looking for the next set of Android Smartphone models. The HTC One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6 will be the next round of devices on the horizon, while the LG G4 shouldn’t be too far behind. We will soon start to uncover new clues and hints as the release date is approaching.

The Verizon Wireless website has revealed the UA profile of the phone and it is represented as the LG VS999. One interesting detail about the phone is that it will be equipped with 3K screen resolution or 2880 x 1620. Obviously, we already can’t distinguish individual pixels on the current Quad HD resolution; but the new 3K standard would still be quite interesting to have and see.

It is quite interesting that AT&T has also released another UA profile and it could be a version of LG G4 known as the LG H810. So, it is possible that the phone will be available from both major carriers. Some have voiced their concerns that high resolution will significantly affect the overall battery life, since the hardware need to push more pixels around. Huawei also stated that packing very high resolution into our smartphone won’t represent a good trade off, due to the much reduced battery life.

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