LG G4 Rumors Round-up

LG G4We all know that the LG G4 will arrive soon and it should represent a significant improvement over the LG G3. It will have 16Mp rear-facing camera, while the LG G3 has only 13Mp camera on the back. The improved camera solution should be built around a wide-angle lens and the autofocus assembly will be based on laser technology.

Inside, the LG G4 will be powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 with its 64-bit capability. The hardware platform should represent the basis of many high-end models in 2015. There were concerning reports that the Snapdragon 810 suffer some kind of overheating issues, so the exact speed of the chip could be reduced somewhat.

The South Korean company hasn’t made any kind of official confirmation, but we could hear something more about the device in the next MWC event on early March. LG really needs to compete with HTC and Samsung in terms of new phone releases. Many users praised the LG G3 with its comfortable 5.5-inch display and they surely will never go back to a device with smaller screen size.

Many models are equipped with Quad-HD resolution, 4GB of RAM and latest Snapdragon chipsets. The company is also preparing LG G Flex 2 with its flexible design.

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