Microsoft Introduce Spartan Web Browser for Windows 10 Smartphones

Windows 10 SmartphonesMicrosoft has finally showcased its Windows 10 operating system and we could also get an early look at the new mobile browser, the Spartan. Although the company didn’t show us how the phone would actually perform on a smartphone, we could get at least a glimpse of it. Microsoft’s official blog has posted a couple of screenshots of the browser. It appears that the new mobile browser has a flat, clean user interface with light and dark themes.

We should be able to swtic between them very easily. Like Internet Explorer, Spartan is a universal web browser that’s usable for PC, tablets and smartphones. Specifically for Windows 10-based smartphones, Spartan includes Cortana integration, special reading mode and multiple touch-based features. We won’t be able to use the browser soon enough, because Microsoft will launch it before summer.

Another interesting rumor about the Spartan is its possible support for Chrome extensions, although Microsoft didn’t mention it during the event. It is also isn’t certain whether Spartan will be available for other platforms, such as Android, iOS and BlackBerry. Although the ultimate fate of Internet Explorer isn’t yet to be confirmed, it may eventually fade into obsolescence.

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