OnePlus Will Introduce Hydrogen OS

OnePlus Hydrogen OSOnePlus had some legal problems integrating Cyanogen’s solutions into its devices and the China-based company has announced a substitute. The Hydrogen OS could be a good replacement for the Cyanogen OS and it will make an official debut on 28 May in Beijing. The new software is designed to provide improved performance and longer battery life.

OnePlus says that the Hydrogen OS will be different compared to other ROMs developed in China. Instead of using flat UI of iOS, the Hydrogen OS embraces the Material Design used by the Android 5.0. The software will mimic the stock Lollipop interface and it will be devoid of any unwanted app and bloatware.

It means that the Hydrogen OS could deliver highly stable software experience. The software will be restricted to Chinese users initially, especially those who have obtained the invites. In the initial stage, the Hydrogen OS will be released for Oneplus One units in China. This will allow OnePlus to solve the patent infringement issue over the usage of Cyanogen OS, which was filed by Micromax. It’s essentially the continuation of the Oxygen OS, with many bugs addressed. OnePlus Two will be released later this year, but it may run Hydrogen OS.

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